Pakistan high commissioners odd behavior at IPPA Awards 2018

Sahebzada uttered nonsense and behaved oddly during the IPPA awards 2018 ceremony. Many believed he was intoxicated while on the stage.

The Foreign Minister of Pakistan has ordered Sahebzada Ahmed Khan, the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK to return to Pakistan and explain his odd behavior at a recent award ceremony.

This man! What do we say to this. He took his title and position of the "High" Commissioner of Pakistan to UK quite literally- without remorse or any realization. His undignified and ungraceful behaviour, talk at the (obscure) IPPA Awards held in London few days ago is unbecoming of his status and standing expected from someone holding this important portfolio. He has made a complete mockery of the Diplomatic Corps in general and Pakistani mission in specific. MoFA and Shah Mehmood should take immediate action because despite his overt excitement, no Sir. This is not the Naya Pakistan it ought to be – heads must roll.

Geplaatst door Shahzad Nawaz op Dinsdag 11 september 2018

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