Pakistani Artist proposes Rupee symbol

Pakistani Rupee has no symbol like Dollar has “$” Uk pound has “£” etc.Pakistani Rupee is just represented by “Rs” but now Pakistani Artist Assam Altaf has proposed currency symbol for Pakistani Rupee.

Assam said:

I have merged the edges, curves, and lines of the crescent and star of the country’s flag. I also took inspiration from gender and cultural equality signs which show that we are multi-cultural people of a nation with equal rights.The symbol beautifully represents the country’s flag, culture, and values and also merges the ‘P’ and ‘R’ for Pakistani Rupee. Since Urdu is Pakistan’s national language, you can find glimpses of it in the symbol.I also used two alphabets from the national language Urdu, ‘ر’ from Rupiya and ‘ا’ (alif), initial of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is presented as Latin with a mixture of Urdu Qalam calligraphy.

Checkout his artwork