Mehwish Hayat to rebuild 5 schools in Sukkur,Sindh

Famous lollywood actress Mehwish Hayat recently joined Penny appeal an international charity organization, which has worked in 30 countries and helped 20 million people including Pakistan, to raise £ 100,000 for rebuilding 5 schools in Sindh, Pakistan. She will also be running 42.16 km in London marathon in 2020 for the same purpose.

Mehwish Hayat said in an interview with BBC urdu:

” Although we raise issues in movies but it is vital to address different social and political issues in real life”.

Sindh is deprived of good education system and fought drought for decades now , immediate reforms are needed to uplift students of the area. These 5 schools will teach about 618 students per year including boys and girls of ages 5-16.

Mehwish said:

“I’ve been very impressed with Penny Appeal’s willingness to think outside the box and take on innovative projects around the world.”

Visit this link to donate for this noble cause Penny Appeal Mehwish Hayat