“Baji Bombastic” Latest Instagram sensation is so funny

Latest instagram sensation ‘’Baji Bombastic” real name sheherzade peerzada is taking internet by storm. Her out of the box comedy style is appealing to masses. She has 153,000 Instagram followers. Sheherzade has been doing theater since she was a kid and developed “bajis” character when she was 8 years old and has been evolving ever since.

Sheherzade in her interview said

”Baji’s character has power to convey her message of simplicity and she does not care about the class differences”



Sheherzade also went to northern areas and made a video about it, Baji states in her video that she loves to “suffer”(travel in urdu) ,she wants to go to other public places such as restaurants and parlours to show how much bajis character is capable of.


Explaining her side of the story and experiences she gave an interview to Indus Tv


Sheherzade left facebook 4-5 years ago so now she is only available on Instagram and youtube. You should definitely check them out if you want to jump on the laughter band wagon

Instagram handle: Baji Bombastic Instagram

Youtube account: Baji Bombastic Youtube