You can now enjoy a cinema like experience outdoors and on the rooftop

Pakistan has many cinemas that offer a different kind of experience from the typical cinemas. For example, there are cinemas with recliner chairs where you can recline your sofa seat and enjoy a movie in complete relaxation.

Then there are cinemas that serve you fresh food during a movie so you can enjoy your favorite film with freshly cooked hot snacks.

But Nueplex Cinemas, a popular cinema company in Pakistan has just introduced a new concept – open-air rooftop cinema.

Although the idea is great, it is impractical in some ways. But if you have ever fantasized about watching a movie on a rooftop in the open air, then you can definitely give this new concept a shot. The cinema is located on the rooftop of Nueplex DHA and it is not fully functional and offering tickets.

The ticket rates and timings for the cinema are different from typical experience so make sure that you have booked a ticket if you want to give it a try.