This guy in Karachi is providing Cow cleaning services and people are actually getting their cows serviced

With Eid-Ul-Azha just around the corner, people are buying sacrificial animals. From cows to goats, to camels to sheep, everyone is busy acquiring an animal.

Eid-Ul-Azha is quite famous for seasonal butchers who are common people but when the time of Eid is near, they become butcher’s just to earn a few extra money.

But one citizen of Karachi decided to do things differently. He has opened a fully functional cow cleaning services in Karachi which intends to provide full cleaning services to sacrificial animals for just Rs. 100.

Call it an innovative or bizarre business idea, it seems to be doing well for the citizen as many people are availing his cleaning services. Earlier today the video was posted on the internet and it quickly became viral. People laughed and appreciated the efforts and cleverness of the citizen who came up with this unique idea.

Truly when it comes to business ideas, no one can beat Pakistanis. We have seen plenty of innovative and bizarre business ideas before but this one pretty much tops them all.

Will you be getting your cow serviced from this guy?