Thanks to Lahore Zoo Authorities, less animals are dying, more are being born

The Punjab Wildlife Department was busy all year making sure the life of animals in the Lahore Zoo and wildlife parks were saved. Their efforts have finally paid off.

According to recent numbers, the death rate of birds and animals in the zoo have gone down by 40% over the past two years and the birth rate has increased by 36%.

As of now, over a period of six years, a total of 2,949 animals have been born. Out of these, 2,432 were birds and 517 were other animals. But at the same time period, more than 1,000 animals also lost their lives. This includes 794 birds, giraffes, lions, and other animals. The only female elephant of the zoo, Suzi, also passed away in the same time period.

According to the official veterinary officer of the zoo, most of the animals died due to old age or by contracting incurable diseases. He also said that the rise of deaths was to be blamed on extreme weather conditions.

The authorities have taken measures to prevent this and their efforts have been successful. For example, the floors around the chicks have been covered with rice hull instead of sand. This will prevent infection and death.

The cages of the animals are also being climate-controlled to provide maximum comfort to the animals.

Herbivorous animals are being vaccinated every three months in order to protect them from stomach bugs and other diseases. The feed of the animals is also being supplemented with necessary vitamins.

Every animal is being provided with food according to their weight and health. And this has significantly helped in preserving the precious life of these animals.