Islamabad Authorities have sealed savour foods with a heavy fine after yesterday events

Popular food chain Savour Foods was caught in a lot of negative light yesterday after its staff misbehaved and manhandled government employees. The government was there to prevent the chain from using plastic bags.

The entire event was caught on camera and was seen all over Pakistan on social media. Soon after the video went viral, many Pakistani’s were angered with the behavior of Savour Food staff and wanted the chain to be sealed for their actions.

Flood of messages was sent to the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad asking for a seal and he responded with swift action. Savour Foods has now been completely sealed, an FIR has been registered, and the chain has been fined Rs. 200,000. The people involved in the incident have also been arrested.

Savour Foods is an extremely popular local food chain that serves thousands of people every day. The people of Pakistan were expecting responsibility from such a top brand of the country but as it turns out, they tried to fight the law and the consequences were bitter.

A complete ban on usage of Plastic bags went live on the 14th of August. Since then, the authorities are randomly raiding businesses to ensure they are not using plastic bags.