Employees of Savour Foods attacked government officials for stopping them from using Plastic Bags

On the 14th of August, a complete ban on plastic bags in Islamabad was imposed and ever since then, the authorities of the city have been going from shop to shop confiscating plastic bags and slapping fines on anyone found to be using them.

Their efforts are mainly paying off because right now, it is tough to find any shop using plastic bags. The authorities have cracked down on plastic bags by personally visiting small and big businesses including MCC, Punjab Cash and Carry, Giga Mall, Centaurus Mall, and many other notable companies.

But today, when the team of Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency and Climate Change officials went to inspect Savour Foods, a popular chain of ‘Pulao Kebab’ in Islamabad, they were attacked by the staff.


The authorities were there to confiscate plastic bags, and they came with a team of media personnel from capital TV. The scenes were captured on TV.

The people of the country have widely appreciated the ban on plastic bags, but at the same time, people are having a hard time dealing with the change. Shoppers are no longer keeping plastic bags or bags of any kind. Most people are seen carrying stuff in their hand because of a lack of interest by businesses in providing an alternate.

If you’re in Islamabad, it is highly recommended to buy paper or cloth bags and take them with you everywhere you go.