Dawlance Begins Exporting Pakistani made appliances to European and African Countries

Dawlance, Pakistan’s premier home appliances company has just announced that they will begin the exports of its products to European and African countries.

To make sure it can meet the demand of foreign markets for appliances, the company has even upgraded its assembly plant with an investment of $60 million.

The company recently inaugurated a new assembly line at National Highway Karachi specifically for this reason. According to the company’s spokesperson, the company has added at least two new assembly lines of washing machines as well as water dispensers to its factories. The main objective of these new assembly lines is to export washing machines and water dispensers to the international market as well as meet the growing demand within Pakistan.

Dawlance has also acquired a special certification for developing water dispensers that meet the EU standards. The appliances will be exported to European markets through Turkey.

The company has already exported 5,000 dispenser units to Turkey and hopes that all of these will be sold by the end of this year. Other products such as washing machines are being exported to Africa and Middle Eastern countries.