Believe it or not, this guy is a traffic police officer in Karachi

When you think about Pakistani policemen, whether they belong to the traffic department or local police department, they all have moderate physical appearances.

In fact, the Pakistani police force is often criticized for having police officers with a bloated belly, so much that this has become pop-culture here to recognize a policeman with the amount of belly fat they have.

But one traffic police officer is turning heads in social media. Pictures of Waqar Ali Sanjwani recently appeared on social media and made many people believe as if it was a picture of a film actor or model on the set of an upcoming film. If you don’t believe us, just look at the pictures.

But as it turns out, this guy is indeed an official of the Karachi traffic police. When asked, Waqar Ali said that he gets a lot of compliments from strangers especially when he is on duty. He likes attention and loves his job as a police officer.

But he doesn’t deny having a passion for modeling.  From his pictures and the style he carries, he definitely deserves a chance in the modeling industry!