After KPK and Islamabad, Sindh Government wants to ban use of Plastic Bags from October 1st

On the 14th of August, a ban on usage of plastic bags in Islamabad will come in full effect. The move was followed by KPK but now Sindh Government has also launched an awareness campaign seeking a ban on the use of plastic bags.

The first phase will begin shortly in which the government is launching a fully-fledged awareness campaign headed by the Chief Minister. The announcement was made on Twitter today.

The awareness campaign will run from August till October, the aim of which is to educate the people of Sindh about the harmful environmental effects of plastic bags and how they can prevent this damage by using paper or cloth bags instead.

The ban will take full effect on the 1st of October.

In a couple of last few months, the federal government has been taking strict steps to ban manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of plastic bags. Vendors of plastic bags were served notices to finish their stocks before the ban goes into effect.

Biodegradable bags have already been introduced in Islamabad through the Sunday Market.