TMA Bahrain just installed dust bins in Kalam Valley so tourists can throw trash in them

Every year during the summers, people from all walks of life in Pakistan visit the northern areas of Pakistan to enjoy the beautiful and natural scenic locations.

Even though this is very good, the bad side of this tourism is that people always throw their litter in these places and when they finally leave, there is always mounds of garbage left.

Previously, when the issue was raised on social media, everyone said that there is a lack of dustbins and other designated places where people should throw the trash.

Keeping this in mind, the TMA Bahrain has finally installed some garbage bins in the Kalam valley to help tourists throw trash in the right place instead of polluting the beautiful area.

Along with garbage bins, the team of TMA has also installed several sign-boards in Urdu language to help spread awareness. They believe that this will spread the message of keeping such beautiful places clean of trash.

According to some people who have been to the area, the situation has improved but still needs a lot of effort from authorities in spreading the message.