This car stuck under a landslide shows why traveling to northern areas during Monsoon is dangerous!

Traveling to the Northern Areas is a big part of holiday activities for Pakistanis. Each year, starting from around June and onwards till September, millions of people head to the North of Pakistan with their family and friends to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

However, Pakistan also usually sees Monsoon season during the same time these travelers are visiting the North.

This year’s Monsoon rains have been intense and unstoppable. Various parts of the country have already witnessed floods, power outages, and other problems.

The North isn’t any different. Unexpected landslides, flash floods, closed and slippery roads are just some of the dangers travelers face in the season. If you’re not convinced, just see some of the latest pictures of a car completely destroyed from unexpected landslide and flash floods somewhere on Babusar road.

Although the images look scary, the good news is that everyone from within these pictures escaped alive.

Traveling to Northern Areas is definitely one of the best experiences of one’s life, but is it really worth traveling in the Monsoon season? It is highly advisable to plan ahead and be clever. When you see the danger on the road ahead, just wait until the weather has cleared up a bit. Avoid unnecessary travel at all costs.