These cranes are entirely being made in Pakistan and are now being exported as well

JIC recently exported a bunch of these to Bangladesh

Pakistan may not be manufacturing its own cars right now but when it comes to construction and other general use vehicles like trucks and buses, the country is actually not doing so bad.

Take for example Javaid Industrial Company (JIC) who have been manufacturing cranes for diesel trucks, tractors and for other vehicles. These cranes are installed on top of Hino trucks. The company has provided its trucks fitted with these cranes to many constructions and other companies in various industries with their trucks.

Just recently, JIC completed a massive transaction in which the company exported a bunch of these highly useful and durable trucks to Bangladesh. The cranes are extremely high-quality and which makes them an attractive purchase for large companies like waste management companies, construction companies, electricity companies and more.

It is good to see that such complex equipment is being made in Pakistan and now finally being exported too. Surely it will add to our economic growth if more and more countries buy these cranes from Pakistan.

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