Someone just created a Mario Like game featuring the ‘Peechay Dekho’ Kid

The Ahmed Shah Adventures is available on Android and has already been installed 1000+ times

By now you are already familiar with Ahmed Shah, the kid who became an overnight celebrity when one of his videos went insanely viral on social media.

Ahmed Shah is well known for his unique way of speaking with a Northern Accent. He has won many hearts with the way he talks and ever since his first video, he has made many appearances on TV.

Someone has now created a mobile video game that features him as the main character. The 2D game which plays a lot like Mario from the Nintendo days features almost 150 levels within 15 different worlds.

The best thing about the video game is perhaps that it features the famous catchphrases of Ahmed Shah such as ‘Peechay Dekho, Peechay Dekho’ and more.

The game is only available on the Google Play store at the moment and there is no planned version for iOS. The game has already been downloaded 1000+ times and can be grabbed here from your Android devices.

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