Saudi Officials will now do immigrations for Hajjis at Pakistan Airport instead of Saudi Airport

This will save 10-12 hours of waiting time the hajji’s have to face in Saudi Arabia

The Road to Makkah project has been initiated by Saudia Arabia in Pakistan. Through this project, all immigration requirements of the pilgrims will be fulfilled at the airport of origin. In simple words, the immigration will take place in a Pakistani airport rather than Saudi Arabian Airport.

According to official statements from Ministry of Religious Affairs, as many as 90% of Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims will now be able to go through customs and immigration processes at Pakistani airports before leaving the country for Haj. This will help them save 10-12 hours of waiting at a Saudi Arabian for the immigration process to finish.

The equipment that is necessary to complete the immigration process for Hajj has been installed at Islamabad Airport’s departure lounge. At least 10 special counters have been set up. A special team from Saudi along with Pakistani authorities will be present on these counters to carry out the immigration process of the pilgrims.

The operations are expected to begin within the next two or three days.

The luggage of pilgrims under this project will also be automatically transported to their place of stay, so they will not have to wait at the airports at all for even their luggage.

The first phase of the Road to Makkah Project will handle about 20,000 people. The service will then be launched at the Karachi and Lahore airports if the project is a success at Islamabad Airport.

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