Pakistan now has its own ICC accredited biomechanical lab for testing illegal bowling actions

The biomechanical lab at LUMS has just been accredited by ICC as a testing center for suspected illegal bowling actions. The facility has now become one of the first such facilities of Pakistan.

The center has now joined the likes of Loughborough University, National Cricket Centre in Brisbane, Sir Ramachandra University in Chennai, and the University of Pretoria as a testing center for players who are reported in international cricket for a suspect illegal bowling action regulation.

The facility will now be used for biomechanical analysis of such players at various levels with the ultimate aim to improve their bowling action and ironing out any technical deficiencies.

This testing center will also help PCB to identify and fix illegal bowling actions of Pakistani cricket players reported both in domestic and international cricket.

The facility at LUMS was assessed by ICC against a number of criteria including having a large indoor area big enough to allow a player to take a full run and bowl. A motion analysis system with a minimum of 12 high-speed cameras with three-dimensional data and suitably qualified staff in using such a system was also assessed.