Moon Restaurant in Baser Provided Refuge to 500+ Tourists Stranded After Landslides

On 25th July, many families traveling towards Batakundi from Babusar were given the news of a landslide. They had but no choice to turn around and head towards Baser.

A family recalls that they decided to visit Moon Restaurant, a popular restaurant which has several branches in the Northern areas of Pakistan. At that point, it was reported that only one landslide had taken place and FWO was already working to clear it.

Soon, the number of families visiting the restaurant increased one by one and it was becoming clear that it was impossible to drive ahead. Soon the news came that there was a landslide in more than 7 places and the road would remain closed until the next day.

This is when panic started kicking in for families who were with young children without any real means to go through the cold night. There were at least 500 people stranded in the area. This is when the generosity of Moon Restaurant began.

The restaurant owner along with his staff offered refuge to stranded tourists in the restaurant. They were not charged for using the charpaees or bathrooms. In fact, the staff made sure the bathrooms were constantly cleaned to help families accommodate.

Later on during the night, the restaurant offered free warm halwa to the families and at 2 am free tea was served. The manager was even seen going around asking everyone if they were served well.

This story has shown everyone that there are still plenty of selfless people in Pakistan. With most restaurants, hotels, and businesses trying their best to earn a better profit in the summer season, one restaurant stood above everyone to make sure humanity was served.