KP Government is Now Imposing Heavy Fines on Tourists and Hotels Owners for Littering in Galiyat

Over Rs.143,000 of fine has already been collected

Every year during the summers, people from all walks of life in Pakistan visit the northern areas of Pakistan to enjoy the beautiful and natural scenic locations.

Even though this is very good, the bad side of this tourism is that people always throw their litter in these places and when they finally leave, there is always mounds of garbage left.

Previously, when the issue was raised on social media, nearly everyone blamed the government for not imposing fines on people throwing garbage in these beautiful places.

Keeping this in mind, the KP Government has finally started imposing heavy fines on tourists, hotels, and restaurants in some areas of Northern Pakistan. The drive against littering has begun in Galiyat where fines of more than Rs. 143,000 have already been collected.

According to a tweet by the official government account, they were able to fine 23 hotels, 18 restaurants, 16 cabins, 6 residents, and 11 tourists for littering in Galiyat.

The government has also assured that the drive against littering will be expanded to other areas of KPK until people realize that it is an offense to litter.

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