From Rs. 1,790, Faisal Movers Will Now Take You To Naran-Hunza From Islamabad

Faisal Movers has just announced new routes in hopes of helping the government promote tourism in the country. The bus service, which is well known amongst travelers will now launch new routes from Islamabad taking people to the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Previously, anyone who had to go to Naran or beyond had to arrange for a private vehicle which is usually sub-standard.

According to Faisal Movers, here are the fares for the following locations –

  • Islamabad to Hunza – Rs 3500
  • Islamabad to Gilgit – Rs 3000
  • Islamabad to Babusar – Rs 2590
  • Islamabad to Naran – Rs 1790

Currently, the bus service is only operating once a day and will depart from Islamabad at 1 AM.

For people who want to travel to the northern areas from Lahore, Faisal Mover has also an executive plus service available with the following fares.

  • Lahore to Hunza
    • Executive – Rs 4670
    • Business – Rs 5100
  • Lahore to Gilgit
    • Executive – Rs 4170
    • Business – Rs 4600
  • Lahore to Babusar
    • Executive – Rs 3760
    • Business – Rs 4190
  • Lahore to Naran
    • Executive –  Rs 2960
    • Business – Rs 3390

The new service by Faisal Movers is a welcoming change since no reputable bus service was operating on these routes before. With the private bus service announcing these routes, we will surely see its competition also operating on these routes soon.