Chinese Firm to Compete Against Careem, Uber, and Bykea in Pakistan

Ridesharing services have become a deep part of Pakistan. Now nearly everyone in Pakistan is aware of these services and regularly used them. Currently, the biggest market share is held by Careem and Uber.

Ever since the inception of these services, there have been many local ventures but a lot of them were already gone out of business within the first six months.

But things look different now as a Chinese firm has decided to invest in ride-sharing services in Pakistan. An internet services based company Timesaco has been formed in Pakistan with an aim to provide ride-sharing services as well as instant delivery and cargo services.

Timesaco has named its ride-sharing service Buraq and believes that it is a better option for both ride sharers and captains as the app provides better earning opportunities.

Currently, the captains on Buraq will receive a 97% share of their earnings while the company will only take 3% from drivers. The service has already been launched in the major cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

Also, the app of the service is currently only available on Google Play.

The service accepts bike, car, rickshaw, pickup, qingqi loader and truck.