Big Fish Like Trash Bins Are Being Installed at Sea View Karachi

For decades, Sea View Karachi has been plagued with people who love throwing trash everywhere they can. Previously, the biggest argument was that there were no trash bins around the area.

The government had a few trash bins but they were so small that the number of people visiting and the trash they threw was too big to be held by bins.

The trash would stay there for days or people would throw it in the sea which would disturb not only the sea life but the very ecosystem.

Now the authorities in Karachi have finally come up with a perfect solution. They are installing huge bins which are not only easy to see but are also large enough to carry a lot of trash.

The idea was recently presented on social media when someone had posted a picture of the trash bin that looked like a fish on a beach. The post creator had suggested that Pakistan should follow in the footsteps. It seems that the post has inspired the authorities in Karachi and we finally have large bins.

Now it is up to people to be responsible citizens and use these bins for trash.