Ali Noor returns home after successfully fighting critical liver condition

The frontman of Noori is finally back home and on the road to full recovery!

Just a couple of weeks ago, the shocking news was shared by the band Noori on their social media pages. Their lead vocalist, and one of the most loved rock band personalities, Ali Noor was critically ill and in hospital.

According to the news, Ali was suffering from Hepatitis A which got so bad to the point that the doctors had to think about Liver Transplant. But thankfully, it did not come to that and Noor has finally been discharged from the hospital.

The good news was shared by his brother, Ali Hamza, on his social media pages. Both of them can be seen in the picture standing with their families and Momina Mustehsan in their home.

According to sources, Ali Noor has mostly recovered from the illness and has now been discharged from the hospital. He still has to care about his liver as he is still on the road to complete recovery.

But from the photos above and the way he is smiling along with his family, it proves that he is almost fully recovered.

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