A glacial lake outburst flood just hit Chitral and it has caused a massive damage

Rescue Works are going strong

A flood-like situation started developing at a well-known tourist spot in Chitral in the morning when suddenly the glacier Azghor exploded, causing a glacial lake outburst of flood (GLOF).

Ever since then there has been a lot of damage reported in the region. Trees were uprooted and several houses, shops, and crops were immediately damaged.

Luckily, no loss of life was reported at the time. Rescue teams have now been busy for quite a few hours trying to rescue as many stranded people from the area as possible.

Golen gol flood

Geplaatst door Chitral Click op Zondag 7 juli 2019

The flood has also caused suspension of water from Golain Hydel Power Station but it continued to produce electricity. This is the first time such an event took place since 2015.

It has been reported that the sister of Prime Minister of Pakistan is also stranded in the same area. Rescue works are being taken to ensure all the tourists and the sister of PM are rescued.

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