The Entire world is facing internet outage, it’s not just you

If you are experiencing slow and sloppy internet today, its not just you. According to BGR, Google, Reddit, Amazon, and many other international news agencies, the entire globe is experiencing internet outage.

Cloudflare, one of the biggest networks operating on the internet recently revealed that they had identified a possible rout leak that may have been impacting some of the Cloudflare IP ranges. It was later found out that the very same leak has affected many internet services around the world.

Earlier PTCL also released a press statement where the company said that internet may be slow and sloppy due to multiple cable cuts which have impacted many regions across Pakistan. The internet service provider has been able to partially restore the service but some people are still facing complete internet outage.

The global internet outage has mostly been restored and if you are still facing a sloppy connection, it is probably because of PTCL’s cable cuts. The company’s technical teams are working to fully restore the internet so that everyone can get back online.

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