PTA introduces 2-step authentication for phone registration to fight misuse of identity

The two step authentication process will stop identity theft for mobile registration

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has just launched a two-step authentication process for registering phones with DIRBs. This new process will help control the misuse of identity for mobile registrations.

Just a couple of months ago, it was found out that people’s passport details were being stolen in order to register phones coming from abroad at the airport. Now the new authentication system will help control this.

The 2-step authentication basically authenticates a user’s mobile number against their biometrically verified mobile number database and a one time password sent via SMS to the phone number. Upon entering this code, the application is sent to FBR.

In case authentication fails, the application is immediately put on hold and the receiver will get an intimation via the system to upload a copy of their CNIC, immigration stamp pictures, and passport. These will then be verified and the system will then transmit the details to FBR.

Recently PTA also announced that people traveling from abroad will no longer be able to bring a phone as a gift without paying duties for it. Previously, overseas Pakistanis were allowed to bring one phone a year.

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