Pakistani Doctor honored at the prestigious Rolex Awards in Washington D.C for her amazing project

Sara Saeed has been recognized for her Sehat Kahani Tele-Medicine delivery project

Pakistan is suffering from many problems and health is one of the major ones. The massive population of Pakistan, especially in rural areas, have no access to health care facilities or a doctor.

Keeping this in mind, Sara Saeed, a doctor by profession has been trying to provide healthcare to these deprived people through her telemedicine project, the Sehat Kahani.

For the very same project, Sara Saeed has been recognized at the prestigious Rolex Award recently held in Washington D.C. Sara Saeed has been awarded #RolexAwards for Enterprise as Associate LAUREATE.

Sara Saeed – Women doctors for telemedicine in Pakistan

The #RolexAwards for Enterprise support individuals with challenging projects to make the world a better place. Today, one out of every two people in low-income and rural areas of Pakistan cannot get basic healthcare. At the same time, in the cities, thousands of well-qualified female doctors are staying home, unable to practise their vocation. Pakistani doctor Sara Saeed believes she has the solution. Weaving the two issues together with digital technology, Saeed has created a telemedicine delivery system that can potentially work in remote communities around the world. Voting is open until 12 June. Vote for Sara on #PerpetualPlanet #Perpetual

Geplaatst door Rolex Awards op Donderdag 23 mei 2019

More about Sehat Kahani

Sehat Kahani is a unique health tech social enterprise which has been created by Sara Saeed to provide health care in remote areas of Pakistan through a network of qualified female doctors who were not previously working in the professional due to their household responsibilities. They can now connect to patients using an online system which connects them directly to the patient using a smartphone and internet.

The system already has 25 e-health clinics all over Pakistan and is already serving 95,000 patients with a network of 1,500 female doctors and 90 nurses and field health officers. The system has now opened doors for doctors living abroad to make healthcare available round the clock.

Dr. Sara now plans to expand this network to 100 e-clinics that aim to deliver affordable healthcare to 10 million people by the end of 2023. An app has also been launched which allows patients to record their medical history, chat/connect with doctors for video consultation and more.

More about Rolex Awards

You may know Rolex for their watches, but what you probably didn’t know is that the company has been supporting individuals with projects that advance human knowledge, protect cultural heritage or help preserve natural habitats and species for more than 40 years.

Every year the company honors the work of these amazing individuals with their awards. The latest award ceremony was held on 14th June in Washington DC where Dr. Sara was recognized for her work.

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