Pak Army rescued six trapped climbers from Ishkoman Valley in a daring rescue mission

4 Italian and two Pakistani climbers were rescued successfully

The Pakistan army rescued six mountain climbers from Ishkoman Valley in a daring rescue mission after the climbers were hit by a snow avalanche. The climbers consisted of a team of 7 climbers which included four Italian climbers and three Pakistani climbers led by Tarcisio Bello, Shakeela, and Nadeema, students of Karakoram International University.

The expedition was being guided by Mohammad Imtiaz from Shimshal valley. They started their adventure to climb an unknown 5,300-meter high peak in the Hindukush mountain range in the Ishkoman valley on the 2nd of June.

Unfortunately, the guide of the expedition, Mohammad Imtiaz could not make it alive. The remaining six including the foreigners were injured by the snow avalanche and stranded on the mountain awaiting rescue.

The climbers were lifted from the peak on Tuesday by an army helicopter and were immediately taken to a medical facility in Gilgit for immediate medical treatment.

The climbers had reached around an altitude of 17,390 feet before the avalanche hit them. Officials have reported that all six mountaineers are in stable condition now and none of them sustained fatal injuries.

The wife of one of the Italian climber reported to a news agency in Italy that her husband had suffered from some broken bones.

The body of the Pakistani climber who could not make it alive is yet to be brought down.

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