New Illustrated book for kids tell them about Edhi, Pakistan’s real life Superhero

Edhi Sahab has done so much for the poor and needy in the country that no matter how much we thank him, it will not be enough. With superhero films and comics becoming more and more popular in Pakistan, children of today often get inspired by western superheroes who wear capes and masks but seem to never realize that there are superheroes in real life.

The new illustrated book ‘Edhi Baba’ by Maria Riaz Tauseef aims to introduce children to the real-life Pakistani superhero, Abdul Sattar Edhi.

The book focuses on the life of the world’s greatest philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi and shows him as a superhero with the superpower ‘big-heartedness’.

The book tries to tell kids that by helping people and being generous turns one into a superhero. It also explains that one does not need to be rich in order to donate, they can donate in terms of voluntary work or just give their time.

Maria has tried to focus mostly on Edhi’s life by showing that he too was not rich at all but still managed to help everyone else.

Through the book, Maria is not only helping herself but also donating to the Edhi Foundation given the fact that it is now struggling with funds. Half of the profits from the book go straight to the Edhi Foundation.

How To Buy Eidhi Baba

The book Edhi Baba is currently available through direct order only. You can place the order for the book by directly getting in touch with Maria on her Facebook page and Instagram Handle.

You can also see tons of other illustrated artwork by her on the same pages.