Islamabad Authorities took strict action against people throwing garbage at Faisal mosque by fining and making them pick their trash

The DC not only fined the people and vendors, but also made them pick the garbage for awareness reasons

Every Eid, be it Eid-ul-Fitr, or Eid-ul-Adha, massive people visit landmarks and recreational places with their family to enjoy their holidays. Unfortunately, the very same people leave behind a score of trash that turns these beautiful places into garbage dumps.

This year, the same happened when thousands of people visited Faisal mosque and left behind so much trash that the place looked like it was a garbage dump.

Have a look at the grounds surrounding Faisal mosque immediately after the people left the area.

DC Islamabad took notice and had the area cleaned

Immediately after the story was brought to social media, the DC Islamabad took notice of the incident and ensured that the area would be cleaned. AC Dr. Waqar personally visited Faisal Mosque to enforce municipal bylaws. Families were politely asked to not litter the surroundings and workers from CDA tasked to clean the area.

Additionally, some people and the vendors in the area who were seen dropping trash in their surroundings were not only fined, but were also made to pick up trash and throw it in the garbage bins for awareness reasons.

If what the DC did this Eid continues throughout all events, we may finally be able to spread enough awareness to prevent people from trashing our beautiful places.

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