Karachi Police gets a modern gym at Central Police Station in hopes of keeping officers fit

The gym has all the necessary machinery to keep individuals fit

Fitness in Pakistan has been a hot topic for a couple of days in the country especially after Pakistan lost their match against India. Soon after the match ended, social media burst into anger and pointed out how the team isn’t as ‘fit’ as their opponents.

But this fitness talk isn’t limited to cricket, many of Pakistani important departments such as Police, fire brigade and others are lacking gym facilities to help keep individuals fit.

Since Police is a line of work where it is mostly expected for the officers to be fit, a gym becomes a necessity. Keeping these things in mind, the Central Police Office in Karachi finally decided to open an indoor gym facility within the office to help keep officers fit.

The gym consists of modern equipment, enough to help officers stay in shape. There are treadmills, free weights section, cycles, twister, and many other machines to help with fitness.

But the real challenge will be making the officers regularly work out in the gym because of the Pakistani Police are known to have lacking severely in the fitness department.

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