From July, You will no longer be able to bring even a single phone from abroad without paying duty

Previously one phone was allowed per traveller in one year

When the government changed the rules of bringing smartphones from abroad in baggage, only one phone was allowed to be brought in the country duty-free. But now these rules have been changed.

The government has now imposed a tax on all phones being brought from abroad. Starting July 1st, your loved one can no longer bring a phone to Pakistan without paying duty upon registration.

It is important to note that people who intend to use the phone for only 30 days will not be required to pay duty for the phone. But once 30 day period has expired on an unregistered phone, it will be automatically blocked until it is registered and due duty and tax are paid.

The move comes after PTA confessed that leaked passengers data such as their passport details were used to illegally register smartphones coming from abroad. Thousands of such registrations were reported.

Official notification will be issued to international travelers who are coming to Pakistan and they will have to pay for any phone if they are bringing with them.

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