After 15 consecutive months of hard work, PIA engineers revived a grounded plane

The Boeing 777 which was grounded after engine problems is finally back to life

Pakistan International Airlines engineers have just revived one of its grounded Boeing 777 that became inoperational for more than a year after engine problems. The AP-BHV finally took a flight over Sindh to prove it is fully functional now.

The plane has been grounded for almost 15 months. During these months, PIA engineers worked day and night to bring it back to life. The story of the plane was highlighted by the BBC which triggered the Airline to take swift action.

The plane belonged to PIA and it was grounded due to engine issues. During the past many months, the management tried repairing the aircraft but it didn’t reap any benefits.

Aircraft before the repairs – 

Aircraft after the repairs –

PIA Boeing 777-300ER registration AP-BHV returned to the skies today to perform a test flight to & from Karachi. The B777 departed from Karachi at 5:02 PM and returned to Karachi at 5:50 PM to complete forty-eight minutes test flight.

Because many of the most import parts of the plane were removed to keep other aircraft in the year, the final cost of the repair was more than the company had anticipated. But still, the passion and determination of the PIA engineers have shown us today that no matter how bad the circumstances are with a given plane, they have the right skill and talent to get it back in the air.

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