A night Club is being opened in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever and everyone is confused

The White Nightclub is opening in Jeddah and will pump music all night

When it comes to Muslim countries, night and dance clubs are a very sensitive topic, something that people don’t take lightly. Saudi Arabia is, in fact, a country where the Islamic principles and regulations are the toughest.

But ever since Mohammad Bil Salman Al Saud, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia came in power in 2017, he has made a lot of modern changes in the country such as allowing women to drive and allowing cinema houses to operate within the country.

But the latest step towards modernity has shocked quite a few people both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia. The country is getting its first fully functional nightclub in Jeddah.

The nightclub is being opened by ‘White’ which already operates a night club in Beirut and Dubai. They are now expanding their franchise in Saudi Arabia and the latest nightclub will be opened based on Halal terms.

Night Club will not sell Alcohol

According to official reports, the night club will not be selling alcohol or drinks made with alcohol to its customers because it is strictly forbidden in the country.

However, it will be pumping all kinds of music throughout the night. It isn’t clear whether both the genders will be allowed in at the same time or not.

On the opening night of the nightclub, famous American singer and songwriter Ne-Yo will give a performance.

The nightclub is said to provide a capacity of up to 2200 people at the same time.

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