PayPal is Not Coming To Pakistan but is all hope lost?

A couple of days earlier, the hopes of all freelancers in Pakistan were shattered when an official announcement was made by the Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications that Paypal was not coming to Pakistan anymore.

Ever since the new government came in power, the efforts to bring the payment gateway, which operates in more than 190 countries across the globe, was stronger than ever. Yet the government was unable to satisfy Paypal.

According to Secretary IT, PayPal’s internal issues are the reason why they do not want to come to Pakistan. Contrary to popular belief, Pakistan has already tightened anti-money laundering related laws which were the apparently the primary reason believed to have put PayPal in hesitation from launching in the country.

Even though it seems like all hope is lost, it is not. The authorities are still working with the payment giant and will continue to do so. They are also trying to bring alternative international payment gateways to Pakistan which will also solve many of the payment issues freelancers face today.

According to sources, a director within PayPal is of Pakistani origins and he is trying to bring the company to Pakistan. He has suggested that the government of Pakistan should provide a sovereign guarantee to PayPal and ask them to come to Pakistan via a Public Private Partnership which will hopefully convince them.

For now, the arrival of PayPal in Pakistan looks tough and may not happen any time soon.