Nust Automotive Group has just been labeled the best team of Subcontinent at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019

Pakistan left behind India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, and more

The Toyota NUST Automotive Group has once again made Pakistan proud at the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019, held in Malasia from 28th April to 2nd May April 2019.

The Pakistani team was the only team from South Asia that cleared the technical inspection and had a valid mileage run, making them the best team of the subcontinent, leaving behind countries like India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arab, Nepal, Philippines and many other countries in their category.

The Pakistani team also secured 3rd rank amongst the leading countries of the event. Their mileage got them 11th position out of 100+ teams.

Toyota NUSTAG began its journey in College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering NUST in 2010 and since then have appeared one of the strongest candidates of yearly Shell-Eco-Marathon. The team also secured the top 3rd position in the Urban Concept Category leaving behind as many as 14 countries.

Their vehicle ‘Kashmir’ has been consistently taking the spotlight since 2018 by becoming 1st in Pakistan and 11th out of 100+ teams overall in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019.

The team now aims to improve its vehicle further and hopes to secure a better position next year.

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