KFC Pakistan’s Cashier just sang an amazing Rap song for Labor Day

His Rap is finger lickin’good!

Labor day is being celebrated all over the world and Pakistan isn’t far behind. While it is a public holiday in most parts of the country in honor of the day, many businesses are also giving away discounts and other goodies.

KFC Pakistan is also offering special labor day deals, but this year, the fried chicken chain has done something completely different. The chain has given one of its employees a chance to show their talent.

Enter Ibn-e-Ali, a cashier at KFC who is also a talented artist. He raps pretty well and KFC has given him a chance to show his talent through a music video. If you don’t believe us, check his video out.

Labor Day – Mad Mehnat!

Give it up for KFC's very own cashier Ibn-e-Ali dropping the sickest beat you'll hear this Labor Day! #LaborDay #KFC #Rap #HipHop #Music #Original #MusicWithKFC #KFCPakistanHEADPHONES RECOMMENDED!

Geplaatst door KFC op Dinsdag 30 april 2019

KFC has truly been inspirational this Labor Day by giving one of their employees a dream chance to show their talent, something which is very hard to do so in Pakistan.

Ibn-e-Ali raps beautifully and we hope that he can turn a career out of this. If you like his song, be sure to share this post as much as you can to spread his work.

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