Here are 5 massive changes coming to Facebook

The Facebook annual F8 developer conference just took place and the company’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have announced quite a few changes coming to Facebook that may change your experience on the social media forever.

The 5 massive changes Zuckerberg talked about will change your FB experience on both mobile and PC. This is an important read because these changes are the biggest to hit Facebook in the last five years and probably the most drastic changes on the website since 2011.

So let’s begin looking at how Facebook is about to change.

Completely Redesigned Facebook Website

Your Facebook website is going to look a lot different when the new changes go live. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the new design focuses more on the white color and there’s very little blue on the new design.

The Facebook logo is also undergoing changes to make it look more modern.

The company is completely re-writing the code for its website from scratch to make them super fast.

The focus of the new website is to make the site appear more streamlined, and seemingly easier to navigate.

A dark mode is also being added for on the desktop version of the website.

Completely Redesigned Facebook App

One of the biggest changes coming to Facebook is the emphasis on groups which, according to Facebook, is one of the most active parts of the platform. More than 400 million people are currently members of useful groups.

Keeping this in mind, the Facebook app will be completely redesigned to make groups more easily accessible with a dedicated new tab at the top of the app. The same tab is also being added to the website.

Facebook will also be sending group suggestions to all of its users just the way it does with Facebook Watch.

You’ll also be able to save your spot on the newsfeed while scrolling.

Facebook Messenger App is coming to PC

Just like on smartphones, Facebook is launching a dedicated messenger app for PC and MAC. You will be able to use both the app and the website separately. The new app will likely have better features and integration compared to FB messenger on the site.

Facebook is also making watching videos together on messenger.

The messenger app on smartphones will also use less than 30MB storage from now on and will be much faster. It will also consume less battery.

Dating Service Being Launched

Facebook will be launching its dating service to 14 more countries bringing the total countries to 19. It will be launched in the US before the end of the year.

The newest and most innovative feature of the dating service is called the secret crush. This feature will let you choose up to 9 friends and add them as your secret crush. They’ll get a notification that some friend has a crush on them but won’t reveal you.

If your crush adds you as a crush, you will both get notified.

Whatsapp Payment Service

Facebook is adding a dedicated business feature to Whatsapp. The app will now help small businesses without a web page by allowing them to interact with customers on the app.

The app will also introduce a payment service for small businesses who will be able to collect payments directly from Whatsapp.

Instagram Changes

The photo-sharing app is getting a new camera mode.

The create mode will now let you create a post for stories that are not photos or videos. This is actually going to be a nice feature for those who want to just update their feed with text.

The camera on the Instagram stories will also become easier to find.

Bloggers, influencers, and celebrities will be able to tag an article of clothing or accessory they are wearing directly on Instagram so that their followers will immediately know what they’re wearing.