Check this shocking video of passengers running for safety from a Russian plane on fire

This has to be the most intense footage caught on phone

At least 13 people have been killed after a passenger plane erupted in a fire during an emergency landing in Moscow.

The Aeroflot aircraft ignited in flames at the Sheremetyevo airport after it hit the runway. It was later confirmed that at 13 people, including two children were killed.

Videos on social media show the chaos during the emergency landing. Many passengers were able to escape from the fiery aircraft by using emergency slides of the plane.

The plane had reportedly taken from the city of Murmansk but a fire broke out in the rear of the plane when it was in the air. This forced the plane to immediately return to Sheremetyevo airport.

At least two attempts to crashland was made by the plane before finally making the landing.

According to reports, at least 78 people were on board the plane.

The rest of the passengers escaped with minor injuries and were given immediate medical attention.

Due to the crash landing, other flights were unable take-off.

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