Vlogger Jordan Taylor is in Pakistan and her first video will give you goosebumps

Jordan has released a trailer of her journey of Pakistan

Popular YouTube travel Vlogger Jordan Taylor had recently announced that she was planning to come to Pakistan. She had asked people for advice on what to do in Pakistan when she would be there through a special Q&A session.

Taylor, who runs the YouTube channel Travellight has finally arrived in Pakistan and she has just released a hair raising video trailer of her journey through Pakistan.

The beautiful video shows Jordan experiencing the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan first hand while also enjoying the famous food of our nation. She can be seen wearing traditional Pakistani attire and meeting the locals. She so far describes her journey to Pakistan as:

I am loving my time in Pakistan so far, and the trip is still just beginning. Well, it’s the recurring dilemma for me while traveling – do I sit locked away in my hotel room for 3 days editing, or do I go out exploring and filming?? I find myself constantly wishing here in Pakistan that I had more time – for everything! I always want to sit with locals sharing stories a little longer, sip more chai, wander ruined forts without worrying about the time, explore a city as much as I can. There’s so much to see here! I am in Lahore right now and I decided I need to really explore this city as much as I can! So that’s why there isn’t a full length video today, and I released a trailer instead. As you can probably tell, there are so many epic adventures coming up for you guys on this channel. Everyone here keeps saying this to me, so I’ll say it to you guys – “Welcome to Pakistan!”

Taylor has promised to release a full video of her journey very soon. She is currently traveling the Southern Areas of Pakistan with an intent to visit the Northern Areas very soon.

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