Tyrion Lannister’s Pakistani lookalike just did his first television commercial

Rozi Khan, a waiter at a local restaurant in Pakistan shocked everyone a few months ago with his uncanny resemblance to Game of Throne’s most loved character Tyrion Lannister.

Khan’s size and face resembles so much with actor Peter Dinklage that he instantly became a viral sensation in Pakistan and around the world.

Today, he has just appeared in a television commercial by Cheetay. The commercial has many references to Game of Thrones and it couldn’t be more a perfect time to have him appear in a commercial when GOT’s season 8 is going strong.

Until a few months ago, Rozi had never heard of Tyrion or Peter Dinklage, but after someone found him and posted his photo on the internet, he has found instant fame.

The resemblance of the two isn’t just limited to their faces, they have the same features too. Both are 135 cm tall and have the same haircut.

Rozi now wishes to work in movies and hopes to meet Peter Dinklage one day.