This cricket ground in Shangla surrounded by green mountains and a flowing river will take your breath away

In Pakistan cricket has no boundaries. We play it in the streets, on our terraces, in the back alleys, on dirt grounds, and even on mountains. No matter how the conditions are, we always find a way to make a pitch and play cricket on it.

If you thought you had seen all the extreme places where you can play cricket in, think again. The Alpurai cricket ground in Shangla is surrounded by serene mounts on one side and a lovely flowing river on the other side, making it not only one of the most beautiful locations to play cricket in, but also one of the extreme.

Just check out the images below and let them take your breath away.

The Cricket Ground Was Made Functional Last Year

The images of the ground appeared on social media just a couple of days ago. The shots that went viral were taken by Jan Alam, a photographer who loves traveling the North of Pakistan.

Contrary to popular belief on social media, the cricket ground has been in the location for at least as long as 2017. So if you’ve been seeing posts that claim the ground was newly constructed, you can now dismiss those claims.