These awesome internet packages by Warid Jazz will make you switch your network today!

Warid is a mobile telecom GSM of Pakistan which also provides mobile internet services in the country. After the merger of Warid and Jazz under the brand name “Jazz” in 2017, the company is providing the best LTE services in Pakistan. Warid provides internet services under 4G LTE band.

Warid 4G (LTE) is the fourth generation mobile Internet. This is the standard for high-speed data transfer for smartphones, tablets or modems. The 4G network from Warid/Jazz was launched in the 800 MHz frequency range, which corresponds to the international designation of Band 20. Now, the peak speed in the LTE Band 20 is up to 48.84 Mbps. download and up to 7 Mbps. upload speed. You can do a Ptcl Speed Test to check your LTE speed.

Warid 4G Internet Coverage map

At the moment, the coverage area of Warid mobile Internet 4G is covering 70% of Pakistan. The service is available in more than 10,000 cities of the country. In the future, it will expand. A 4G coverage map is available, click here to download it.

Warid Internet Packages for Prepaid Users

Warid always brings affordable bundles of Call, SMS, and the Internet for its users. Super-Fast internet service is available at very cheap rates by Warid. The average download speed of the Warid LTE is 25 Mbps. The internet bundles of Warid are classified as daily, weekly, and monthly packages for the comfort of the customers.

You can choose your desired package from below:

Warid/Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Note: All Daily internet packages will valid till midnight of the same day except Internet Hourly Extreme which will be valid for next hours from activation.

Package Name Price (Rs.) Volume Activation Code Status Code
Daily Social Recursive 5 200 MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only. *334# *334*2#
Daily SMS WhatsApp Package 6 5000 MBs for WhatsApp. *334*4# *334*4*2#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak) 20 1100 MBs for 24 hours. (2 am to 2 pm) *117*4# *117*4*2#
Daily Browser 10 50 MBs *117*11# *117*11*2#
Internet Hourly Extreme 17 2000 MBs *846# *846*2#
Sindh Offer 9 100 MBs *522# *522*2#
Karachi Daily Hybrid LBC 10 100 MBs *400# *400*2#


  • Sindh Offer is only valid for some cities in Sindh which includes Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Dadu, Kotri, Tando Adam, Mirpur Khas, TandoAlayaar and some other areas of Sindh.
  • Karachi Daily Hybrid LBC is only valid for the Warid/Jazz users of Karachi.

3 days Internet package of Warid/Jazz.

Package Name Price (Rs.) Volume Activation Code Deactivation Code
Extreme 3-days 15 500 MBs *114*14# *114*14*4#
Browser 3-days 25 100 MBs *117*1# *117*1*4#


Economical Weekly Internet Packages for Warid/Jazz customers.

Package Name Price (Rs.) Volume Activation Code Deactivation Code
Jazz New SIM Offer 99 1500 MBs *989# Automatically Deactivate after 7 days.
Jazz Weekly Streamer 80 700 MBs *117*7# *117*7*4#
Weekly Premium 160 1500 MBs *117*47# *117*47*4#
Weekly Mega 110 3000 MBs *159# *159*4#
Weekly Mega Plus 200 10,000 MBs (5000 MBs are useable from 2 am to 2 pm and other 5000 MBs for 24/7. *453# Automatically Deactivate after 7 days.
Weekly-Extreme 70 2500 MBs *117*14# Automatically Deactivate after 7 days.
Jazz Weekly Browser Package 55 300 MBs *117*3# *117*3*4#
Mega Super Duper Weekly 250 5000 MBs *505# Automatically Deactivate after 7 days.
Weekly Bundle-Once Off 15 25 MBs + 1500 SMS *101*1*07# *101*4*07#

Convenient Monthly Warid LTE Internet packages

Package Name Price (Rs.) Volume Activation Code Deactivation Code
Jazz Monthly Browser Package 160 2000 MBs *117*77# *117*77*4#
Jazz Monthly Streamer Package 300 4000 MBs *117*31# *117*31*4#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package 500 8000 MBs *117*32# *117*32*4#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package 100 5000 MBs *117*34# *117*34*4#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus 800 7500 MBs *117*30# Automatically expire after 30 days.
Jazz Super Duper Card 600 2000 MBs, 2000 SMS, 2000 Warid and 150 Off-net minutes *601# Automatically expire after 30 days.