There was a terrible storm in Islamabad last night but the brave policemen kept performing their duties

Hats off to these guys

A terrible dust storm accompanied by heavy rain lashed the twin cities last night uprooting many trees on various roads and electricity polls. A man reportedly lost his life when a tree fell on him near Rawal Lake and many were injured in the process.

The storm not only caused harm to the public but also destroyed private property including cars, windows, glass doors and more. Around 300 feeders of IESCO also tripped cutting down the electricity supply to the city.

Despite all this destruction, the brave policemen of Islamabad Police and Islamabad Traffic Police kept performing their duties. The policemen performed their duties by guiding people on the road and helping them.

آئی جی اسلام آباد نے طوفان کی وجہ سے اسلام آباد پولیس کی فوری امدادی ٹیمیں تشکیل دینے کی ھدایت کی. ڈی آئی جی آپریشنز نےضلع بھر میں پولیس جوانوں کی امدادی ٹیمیں متحرک کر دیں. درخت گرنے کی وجہ سے روڈ بلاکیج اور دیگر نقصانات کی جگہ پہنچ کر فوری امداد کی ھدایت. اسلام آباد پولیس کے جوان ضلع بھر میں مختلف جگہوں پر امدادی کاموں میں مصروف.(Video is shared by a common citizen)#IslamabadPolice

Geplaatst door Islamabad Police Official-Page op Donderdag 25 april 2019

اسلام میں شدید بارش اور طوفان کے باجود ٹریفک پولیس کے اس اہکار نے اپنی ڈیوٹی فرائض سر انجام دیے… طوفان اور بارش کے باعث جہاں لوگ محصور ہو کر رہ گئے تھے وہی اس عظیم آدمی نے موسم کی پرواہ کیے بغیر اپنا فرض نبھایا…#Salute To Him.. #…

Geplaatst door Islamabad Traffic Police op Donderdag 25 april 2019

The police also helped removed several trees that were uprooted to make way for traffic. In this heavy storm when everyone was hoping to get home safe, these policemen served as inspiration and showed that they are always available to help the public in times like these.

The Met department has said that the weather is expected to improve within 24 hours but there is still some rain expected in areas of the twin cities.

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