The people of Islamabad are unhappy with Islamabad Eat Spring Edition – Here’s Why

The Islamabad Eat returned to the capital with another edition but this time it has met with widespread criticism from both the vendors at the event and as well as the people who attended it.

Moderate Attendance and Ticket Fee

According to the vendors, Islamabad Eat charged a premium price from vendors and promised to attract 40-50k people at the event. But during the three day period, the event was mostly vacant, especially during the day time.

The event was held in Jinnah Convention gardens which is an open-air venue. Because of the rising temperatures in the city, a moderate number of people actually turned out to attend it during the day. Some people are unhappy with the price of the tickets too.

Change of Venue

The event was first supposed to be held in Fatima Jinnah Park but was canceled and delayed and taken to a new venue. According to the organizers, it was due to unfavorable weather conditions.

The vendors claim that the decision was made hastily and only two weeks were given in which most of the people were not aware the event had shifted to another venue.

The venue played a big role in deciding to put up a stall at Islamabad Eat for the vendors.

Storm Forced Early Closure

On the third day of the event, during the final hours, a very bad storm hit the event and the organizers were forced to shut down the event early. This resulted in huge losses for the vendors who were already struggling due to low attendance.

The vendors believe that the management should have had taken the weather into consideration when moving the dates of the event.

Social Media Page Controversy

Apparently, people are really unhappy with the organizers because according to them, the management behind Islamabad Eat Spring Edition is constantly deleting their comments and complaints on social media.

The visitors of the event also protested that the performances, for which they so gladly came, were not up to the mark as well.

Were you there at the Islamabad Eat Spring Edition? What do you have to say?