Suzuki will now give a temporary replacement car to drive while your car is being repaired at a dealership

Suzuki has announced that it is launching its ‘courtesy car’ facility in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki has just announced that it is introducing a unique new service called ‘Courtesy Car’ in Pakistan for the first time. According to the car manufacturer, customers will now be able to leave their vehicles at selective dealerships for service or repair and get a courtesy car to drive in return.

The customers will be allowed to use this replacement car until their car is being repaired and kept by the dealership. Once the service or repair has been completed on the car, the dealership will take the replacement car back and will return your original vehicle to you.

The announcement was made via Suzuki’s official Facebook page in Pakistan.

The service will be launched with select dealerships around the country. Since the car manufacturer has hundreds of dealerships across the country, it is hard to tell which one of the dealers will provide this service.

Courtesy Car

For the first time in Pakistan, Suzuki introduces the facility of the Courtesy Car for its customers! You can now leave your car at the dealership for service purposes and get a courtesy car in return for the period of time your car stays at the dealership.Courtesy car available at selected dealership. #CourtesyCar #SuzukiPakistan

Geplaatst door Suzuki Pakistan op Woensdag 17 april 2019

But it is a welcoming move from the company because sometimes your car requires repairs that can take days or weeks. With a replacement car in your hand, you can continue commuting on a day to day basis without worry.

The company has not made it clear which car will be given as a replacement but popular opinion says it will most likely be a Mehran.

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