Popular American Vlogger Jordan Taylor is coming to Pakistan

Pakistan is doing everything in its power to promote tourism and looks like its efforts have finally started to pay off. In just a period of fewer than six months, famous vloggers from around the world have started journeying to Pakistan to finally show the positive image of the country.

It all started when renowned travel and food vlogger Mark Weins came to Pakistan and documented his journey on his hugely popular YouTube channel and Facebook page.

His journey triggered other big names in travel vlogging to come to Pakistan and since then Trevor James and Drew Binsky came to Pakistan. While Trevor (aka The Food Ranger) and Drew Binsky are already exploring Pakistan, another popular YouTube travel vlogger, Jordan Taylor has decided to come to Pakistan.

She recently announced that she was coming to Pakistan in a Q&A video posted on her official YouTube channel which goes by the name Travellight. You can see the video below.

During the Q&A session, Jordan told that she was fascinated by the history of Pakistan which is not only ancient but very rich. She agreed that the world did not know about Pakistan and it was time to show it to them.

More About Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor is originally from Miami. She left Miami three years ago and became a full-time traveler. Ever since she has been traveling and documenting different countries from around the world. Currently based in China, Jordan is ready to embark on her journey to Pakistan.

Taylor has been to many countries including Bali, Egypt, Vietnam, Guatemala, India, Romania, Oman, Taiwan, Phillippines, and more.

Jordan hasn’t announced the exact date of her Pakistan trip but she did say it will be very soon.