Police officers providing free cold drinks and water to public in Karachi have won massive respect

Massive respect to these police officers for helping everyone

The Met Department of Pakistan has issued a heatwave warning in Karachi. The public has been advised to stay indoors in the middle of the day to avoid getting heat stroke. The ones who have to absolutely go out are told to keep themselves cool and hydrated by drinking as much water as possible.

Anyone living in Karachi knows how bad a heatwave can be. In an instant, anyone can get a heat stroke which can turn out to be fatal. Keeping this in mind, the general public is helping everyone in Karachi by supplying free drinks and water to travelers.

The Police aren’t so far back either. Scenes from Rizvia Society can be seen where the police have set up various heat stroke camps to help people on the road. They are not only providing cold drinks and water to keep people safe from the heat, but they are also providing rescue services in the immediate area.

The passion and love these people are showing for the general public is an inspiration for everyone out there. Let’s go out and help anyone we can with whatever we can.

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