Pink Bus service for women launched in Mardan – This time for real! Pictures included

The bus service was inaugurated last year but it was never seen on the roads

The Japanese government in 2018 had gifted the KPK government around 14 buses meant to be used for a bus service exclusively for women passengers.

That bus service was the Pink bus service for women which was launched at least two times before but they were never seen on the roads of Mardan, Peshawar, or Abbottabad.

But today, the bus service has finally be launched in Mardan. It even took its first voyage today with only women inside! Here are the pictures from the maiden voyage of the Pink Bus service launched in Mardan.

The buses will start their full operation in mid-April and will be available from Baghdad Chowk to Wali Khan University.

More about Pink bus service

The pink bus service is an exclusive all-women bus service meant to help women commute from one place to another safely.

The pink buses are well equipped with all the modern features one can expect in a city bus. They are equipped with automatic doors, air conditioning, and comfortable seats.

Each bus has a capacity of 40 seats but passengers can also stand in the bus as they travel.

Additional security and safety measures have also been provided within the bus. There are also first aid kits available within the busses for emergency as well as special bus controls have been added to the driver’s seat for safety measures.

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